Online Fraud Prevention Center

Citizens Bank wants to help you to protect yourself against online schemes. E-mail fraud is one of the more common and damaging methods used to scam customers on the Internet today. By educating yourself and following some simple tips you'll be less likely to fall victim to one of these schemes.

Citizens Bank will NEVER ask for a customer to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an e-mail.

Phishing: These are forged e-mails purporting to be from someone (an individual or company) you know and trust attempting to get you to reveal sensitive information like user IDs, passwords, account numbers or other sensitive data. Criminals will use this data to access your accounts, financial information and/or your identity.

Spoofing: Typically the forged e-mails ask you to supply, confirm, or update personal information by clicking on a link in the e-mail. The link will connect you to a webpage or login that appears to belong to the company mentioned in the e-mail. This is referred to as a "spoofed" site. Often the site looks just like the company's site. The spoof may even be a pop up or an embedded image over the actual site. The goal of the criminals is to get you to enter your personal data so they can steal your information.

If you suspect you've received a fraudulent e-mail, DO NOT RESPOND to the email! Contact Citizens Bank as soon as possible:

Call 1-319-462-3561 or E-MAIL